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Promotional Opportunities!

ARe Book-A-Day Give-AwayIf you have a big release or an up-and-coming author you want to push through All Romance, this is an excellent chance to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of readers who visit our sites and subscribe to our newsletters and alerts.

Several times a week, we’ll offer readers the chance to win a hot romance. Methods for collecting entries will vary–we’ll either ask readers to comment on a post at AReCafe, or share the sale link via Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. After we’ve chosen the winner, he/she will be gifted the book through All Romance or OmniLit (we’ll handle the distribution and work with the customer to resolve any support issues, don’t worry).
We would love for you to participate in these giveaways! Here is what we’ll be looking for in terms of prizes:
  • Recent releases–books that have been out for six months or less.
  • Books available in a variety of eBook formats to accommodate readers (EPub, PDF, and either MOBI or PRC are recommended).
  • All genres of romance accepted–sweet to erotic–though we will note if a book is for mature readers.
  • Most importantly, the book must be available for sale on ARe or OmniLit at the time of the giveaway.

How to participate:

For Non-DRM files

Send an email to our Community Manager Kathryn Lively at Kathryn.lively@allromanceebooks.com, subject heading “Book-A-Day” with the following information:
  • Title/Author of book
  • URL on ARe/OmniLit where it may be found
  • Book file(s)

For DRM files

Look up the current price of the book on AllRomance.com and note it. Then, send payment for that amount via Paypal to Paypal@AllRomanceeBooks.com. Note that the payment is for Book A Day and insert the Title/Author of the book and the URL on ARe/OmniLit where it may be found.
When you get your Paypal receipt, forward it to our Community Manager Kathryn Lively at Kathryn.lively@allromanceebooks.com, subject heading “Book-A-Day”.
Publishers may submit more than one book to giveaway. If you would like to request a specific day for a giveaway, or reserve a week or two for your publisher, please let Kathryn know. We may not guarantee a date, but will work to accommodate all requests.
Submit Your Content to AReCafe.com!
ARe Café would like to thank readers for an awesome 2012. We’ve had a wonderful time connecting readers to the best romance authors and publishers in the industry, we look forward to spending 2013 with you. This past year we shared tempting recipes from your favorite authors in a free cookbook, and began a daily book giveaway. In the year to come, we want authors and reader to enjoy their time at the Café, and being a guest blogger is a fun way to participate (and even get in some free promotion)!
Guest spots are open to authors, editors, publishers, and readers with something to share. If you have new release to promote or want to present an editorial on romance books and publishing in general, we are happy to host you. Guest posts should include strong content about romance and related topics–avoid straight sales copy if possible–that engages our readers.
We would especially like to see the following:
  1. New Release Post–Do you have a new book available at All Romance or OmniLit? Choose ARe Café as a stop on your blog tour! Tell our readers about your book, what inspired it, and why it would make a great addition to their TBR lists.
  2. Cover Reveal–It’s always exciting to see your book cover for the first time. Host your cover reveal on ARe Café and we’ll share it through our social channels.
  3. Book Giveaway–We host daily book give-aways through the Café, but if you have a special promotion to tie into a new release or other event, we’ll save a spot for you.
  4. Book Preview–If readers are waiting eagerly for your next release, why not share a special sneak preview? We’ll post an exclusive excerpt of a new or coming release.
  5. Industry Articles–Got something to say about the state of the publishing industry? Want to talk about DRM or self-publishing? If you have an idea, talk to us about presenting a forum for you.
Please note, any books you wish promote or give away should be available for sale on All Romance or OmniLit, or made available in the near future. Due to ARe’s promotional calendar, we cannot guarantee a specific posting date, but we will do our best to accommodate requests.
If you wish to create a pre-order link for books, we will be happy to assist you.
Please contact Kathryn Lively at kathryn.lively@allromanceebooks.com for more information about a guest post at AReCafe.com.

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