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After Midnight by Sarah Grimm

By on January 25th, 2012
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After Midnight by Sarah Grimm is an emotional story of loss and love.  It is a heart wrenching amount of pain the main character Isabeau experiences but I loved Noah for being patient while pursuing her.  There are so many memorable scenes in this book and I would love to see this story as a movie.  Isa is a biracial woman with a Mohican father and a French mother.  She’s an eclectic mix that most people find fascinating but she hates her dark hair and pale eyes.  Noah is British and he loves all the things Isa hates about herself.  He believes her eyes are like mirrors to her soul making her feelings very transparent.  Noah’s appearance into Isa’s life represents an awakening.  When he comes into her life Isa desires to be whole again, even though she fights it and him.  Making matters worse, a fellow pianist recognizes that Isa’s talent is unmatched and wants her dead so he can claim the spotlight.  After Midnight is the first novel I’ve read by Sarah Grimm but with this caliber of writing it most definitely won’t be my last.


Isabeau Montgomery was a renowned child pianist when tragically she loses her mother in a car accident.  She is left in the care of a monster who uses her love of playing against her, resulting in her decision to never play again.  Her desire to play returns the day musician Noah Carter walks into her bar.  Isabeau cannot explain it but he inspires a desire to create that has been dormant for years.  Unfortunately for Isa she believes her gift is still a curse and won’t give in to the need to play.  Noah recognizes that beneath the scars from her accident are much deeper scars that won’t allow Isa to give them a chance.  Noah Carter also knows fame, fortune and pain as years ago he lost the desire to sing when his best friend and band mate died of an overdose. Noah is giving one shot at a comeback and believes Isa can do it too.  But Noah doesn’t fully comprehend how deep Isa’s pain goes and forcing her to face her demons may mean him losing the first woman he can’t live without.  Meanwhile, a crazed person is determined to see her seriously injured or dead.

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