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An Island No More by Casey Clifford

By on May 1st, 2012
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College professor Maggie Meehan thinks she can tackle any challenge alone, but when an old flame returns to campus he puts her career–and her heart–in jeopardy…

With a daughter to support, Maggie wants the job security that comes from achieving college tenure. The likelihood of that lessens when Seth Baldwin, a man from her past, arrives on campus with tenure and a hefty salary. Sparks blaze between them that have nothing to do with their careers and everything to do with their hearts.

When Maggie’s abusive ex-husband shows up making demands and a disturbed student hassles her, Maggie wants to tough it out on her own. But when a series of murders rocks the campus and Maggie is threatened and even assaulted, Seth refuses to let her face the ordeal alone.

Can Seth’s love strengthen Maggie enough to overcome a killer bent on her destruction?

This suspense filled romance kept me glued to the book, unable to put it down. The author has created a wonderful story. The characters are not only very interesting, they are lovable and caring. The teen-age daughter is a delightful character the reader has to love. The author has also created a villain to make the blood run cold. He’s diabolical, clever and absolutely determined to get rid of Maggie. The author has done a good job of putting in red herrings so that the reader does not know who the villain in. As I read this, I kept changing my mind until the author revealed the villain’s identity during a scene that kept me on the edge of my seat. The romance between the two main characters is delightful, realistic, and builds gradually until it reaches full bloom. The settings are also realistic, putting the reader in the scene, even to the point of feeling exactly what the character is experiencing. There’s plenty of excitement in this book and it builds to an explosive climax.

I most definitely will read this author again.

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