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For the Love of Chocolat by Sienna Mynx

By on June 5th, 2012

For the Love of Chocolat by Sienna Mynx is the continuation of Lee’s Girls Series.  The story began in The Heist and continues with the same intensity and excitement.  This interracial romance features a biracial woman and a white man.  With her father’s death now avenged, Michelle is determined to leave the life behind.  However, this is impossible because she’s made several powerful enemies and Lee won’t let her go because he loves her.  The story is sophisticatedly written and the attention to details in developing the plot and characters makes it an even greater experience.  The characters come alive and their scenes are interesting from one event to the next.  Lee should be a bad guy but it’s hard to hate a man who so passionately loves his woman.  Michelle is conflicted and I felt her confusion in wanting to stay and also wanting to leave Lee because of his shady lifestyle.  The suspenseful moments add to the overall entertainment and there is a climatic ending.  Start with The Heist to get the full entertaining effect of this gripping story.

Jewel thief, Michelle Dixon has gotten her revenge against the people who killed her father.  However, she is no closer to freedom from the life or from Lee Sullivan.  She loves but resents Lee for pulling her back into the life of jewelry heisting after she worked so hard to leave it behind.  Michelle remains determined to buy her and her sister’s freedom.  As it stands, only retrieving the mythical Chalice will guarantee safe passage for them.  They will finally be free of the Order and of Lee but can Michelle ever be free of Lee when he owns her heart?  Determined to try, Michelle breaks into the Briscol Bank vault to retrieve the Chalice based on clues left by her father.  She is able to successfully recover the rare artifact but in the process learns secrets between her sister and Lee that irrevocably damage their tenuous relationship.  Heartbroken and disillusioned, Michelle plans to leave him the minute she can.  Her escape from the vault is thwarted and she is injured in the process.  Michelle and Lee suffer an unthinkable loss and they’re lives remain entwined as they seek comfort in each other.

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2 Responses to For the Love of Chocolat by Sienna Mynx

  1. Profile photo of Rachel Jayne Rachel Jayne says:

    Hi, I’m Rachel and new to this site. I was just wondering about Sienna Mynx’s For the of Chocolat. Is Sasha pregnant for Lee?
    Was that the reason she wanted to leave him? A friend of mine told me that was the cause. Or did she find out that they just slept together?

    Can anyone tell me please,please.


  2. Profile photo of Rachel Jayne Rachel Jayne says:

    Sorry I meant is that why Michelle wanted to leave him.


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