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Anyone, Anyone? Captive Bride Edition

By Kat @ ARe on February 7th, 2014

From time to time readers email us looking for a book they cannot remember the name or author of. Our staff is good about hunting these down, but if we cannot locate it we turn to you, our readers, for help. Can you identify this book? Please send your answers to Dawn at dawn.vaeoso@allromanceebooks.com .

This Week:

Book 1

I am searching for an old book and Google is completely failing. This is what I can remember (and it is pretty rusty):

I think it was a Mills and Boon or Harlequin or similar book from the early to mid 1980s. I can’t recall the heroine’s name but the hero might have been called Adam. I think the girl was in New Zealand and she meets an american marine. She was fairly innocent and I remember that when he brought her home after being at the beach and they end up making out on the living room floor, he stopped when he realized she had nothing on under her dress (she had taken her bikini off because it was wet).

At some point he visits her family and meets her younger sister named Colette (the only name I am definite on). Colette is more worldly and a bit of a b***** and makes a play for the hero, who turns her down saying that the heroine has more sex appeal in her little finger than Colette. I think Colette may have also been married.

The marine marries the heroine and they go to his base in America. Something goes wrong and he becomes distant with her. He starts going out every night and she thinks he has another woman. When she confronts him, he denies it and says that she will know when he is going to meet another woman if he showers etc first before going out. I think there might have been a suspense element as well with someone following her in America but I can’t remember the details. I do remember that at the end they end up back on a beach making love.

If anyone can come up with the name etc of this book, I will be eternally grateful!

Book 2
 Can you help me find a book, with no name or author?

1. The girl becomes a maid to two brothers.

2. She has to fly to their home, I believe she has a scary past, possibly.

3. She is thru an agency.

4. They are rich, and I believe cowboys.

5. The one brother has an exceptionally large penis.

6. After the larger brother sleeps with her, the other brother uses a butt plug on her to tighten her up for when he has sex with her.

Yes, those are weird facts, but that’s what I remember. It wasn’t novel length…more novella!

Thank you in advance!


From Last Week:
Book 1 
I need help finding a book. The girl’s name is Abigail, I think. I can’t remember the male’s name. The story goes something like this.They meet at her father’s office and end up getting married. But it doesn’t work, she accuses him of cheating, and they get separated.

Five years later, her family business is going down the drain and she seeks out his help. He agrees but only if she would pretend to be happily married for two weeks so he can close a business deal. I think it’s a Harlequin book. Hope you can help.

ANSWER: The Kadin by Bertrice Small

Book 2

I am trying to find a book that may be an old Avon or Harlequin…

Here’s what I can remember about the plot: An Englishwoman is somehow kidnapped in the Middle East and given as a slave to a Shah, who ends up being an Englishman who had previously left England. The woman is prepared for the harem by having other slaves rub some almond paste to remove body hair (funny how I remember that!). The Shah eventually leaves the Middle Eastern country to return to England with the woman, whom he later marries in the Christian way.

Please help me!!
ANSWER: WOW! What a response! Captive Bride by Johanna Lindsey 

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2 Responses to Anyone, Anyone? Captive Bride Edition

  1. Profile photo of Virginia E Virginia E says:

    The Kadin ISN”T the correct answer for last week’s book one. Book one sounds like a contemporary romance while The Kadin is a historical romance. I think it was meant as a near miss guess for book two. It deals with a kidnapped Scotswoman sold into a Turkish harem where she ends up becoming the favorite.
    Please repost book one as still open.

  2. Profile photo of Colette Colette says:

    I see from the current newsletter that someone suggested Wife For Sale by Kathleen Morris for book 1.

    From a review of that book “This book was published in 1933, when writing styles were different. With that in mind, I loved it. The story is about a young woman during the Great Depression whose new husband is lost during an antarctic expedition and she has to take care of herself, her ill mother, brother, and uncle by herself. For me, it was like seeing an old friend.”

    So that is definitely wrong!

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