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Anyone, Anyone? Late Summer Edition

By Kat @ ARe on August 22nd, 2014
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From time to time readers email us looking for a book they cannot remember the name or author of. Our staff is good about hunting these down, but if we cannot locate it we turn to you, our readers, for help. Can you identify this book? Please send your answers to Dawn at dawn.vaeoso@allromanceebooks.com .

This Week:

Book 1

I’m looking for a book about a girl who goes to an island on vacation and meets a vampire pretending to be a rock star or in a band. He later goes on a tour with her. I can’t remember title or author. Please help.

Book 2I read a book and want to read it again. It’s driving me crazy. I have checked over 700 books on my Kindle and can’t find it. It’s about a Dom and his sub/partner. The sub wants a woman to be with them both. He puts an ad to hire an assistant and a girl answers it. He loves her at first sight and wants to take care of her. The Dom agrees.  She has an eating disorder and very low self esteem. The Dom had been estranged from his family due to the death of his brother but she gets them back together at the end of the book.

From Last Week:

Book 1

The book I’m searching for is about a young woman who has been groomed from a young age since her father’s death to take over as the fundraising face of a philanthropic organization that helps in war torn and poverty stricken areas of the world. She is billed as an “America’s Sweetheart” type. She is estranged from her mother, a world renowned actress, because she found her sleeping with her fiancé. The heroine has returned to a flat in Washington DC to get some much needed time alone, where she meets a doctor who is a neighbor in the building. The doctor volunteers at an inner city clinic with a female doctor who he is friends with from Med school. He is attracted to the heroine but doesn’t want to act on it because of her well known face and having been trotted out as a young man in his mother’s “dog and pony show” as an elected official working in DC. When the heroine discovers the shelter the doctor volunteers at is near to closing due to lack of funds, she not only steps in to help but offers to put on a fundraising event to raise money for the clinic. Eventually, she and the doctor fall into bed together and he, in a panic, asks his female doctor friend to marry him. The doctor agrees even though she is in love with an African American disbarred lawyer (who she met during college) and handles the finances for one of the local mobs. He frequently calls on the female doctor, who he is in love with, whenever he or one of his gang have been shot or injured. At the fundraiser, the disillusioned heroine tells the wealthy contributors to write checks because it’s a worthy cause and not because of her because she’s tired and done with it all. She tells the head of the organization, who has been bullying her and using the situation between her and her mother to attract media attention, she’s done with him too if he can’t accept her decision. She tells her mom she loves her but to grow up. The doctor comes to his senses as does the mom, the female doctor and her lover are able to find a way to get him out of the life, the doctor mends his relationship with his mother and we eventually get our HEA.

ANSWER: Kiss the Girl by Susan Sey

Book 2

I’m looking for a historical romance that I think was published between March-June 2014. The book is about a heroine who is a writer (secretary) for a dowager, and the dowager’s nephew and heroine don’t see eye to eye about anything. They proceed to write letters back and forth to each other. I believe the author is a new author. Thank you.

ANSWER: Sorry, No Answer.

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One Response to Anyone, Anyone? Late Summer Edition

  1. I am looking for a books about a biker club that has taken two sisters for payment after they killed their parents. The father was taking things from them and they killing him and then used drugs on the mother to tell her. Please help him

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