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Anyone, Anyone? We Are Stumped Edition

By Kat @ ARe on March 8th, 2014
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From time to time readers email us looking for a book they cannot remember the name or author of. Our staff is good about hunting these down, but if we cannot locate it we turn to you, our readers, for help. Can you identify this book? Please send your answers to Dawn at dawn.vaeoso@allromanceebooks.com .

This Week:

Book 1

Need help finding two books!

First book, the heroine is in a theatre arts college and has a guy watching from the shadows. She receives messages every day from him, they finally meet/hook up, but she is never allowed to see his face. Then her best friend makes a play for her and she finally sees him for who he really is, someone she can care for. That was basically the first book. I don’t remember the name or how many books followed.

The second book I’m looking for is about a model who doesn’t talk much to others except her manager. Then she meets a tattoo artist and wants to talk and he is interested in her. This is all I remember. I don’t remember name of book. I do remember it was on the All Romance eBooks home page at one time.

Please help with these books.

Book 2

Hi, I’m attempting to figure out the name of a book that I didn’t put on my Wish List when I should have. It is a m/m romance in a series. Most of the main characters are rock stars. The main character of the book I am looking for shows up at his friend’s house which is in the same neighborhood where he recently purchased his own home. His friends then proceed to drag him over to his new next door neighbor’s house to see what happens as the new neighbor is a bit cranky and doesn’t much like the main character’s recent music releases and has been making art with the CD’s the music is on. The main character then proceeds to play the piano for all that came to the house to watch the action between the disgruntled neighbor and the main character. The neighbor records the performance and acts as if he isn’t affected by the main character’s music. The last bit I remember is the neighbor turning off electronics, that had other members of the band and family watching all that was happening.

I thought it was a series by S.J. Frost but that’s not the correct series. I want to say there are at least 5 or 6 books in the series.

Thank you so much for your help.

From Last Week:
Book 1  

I am looking for a book I read a description of fairly recently (since the New Year). I thought I saved it but now I can’t find it. It is a M/M book from, I believe, Siren-Bookstrand. It involved a wolf/shape-shifter who was seriously/severely injured (with a head injury?) as a child from a fall.  (Maybe off of a balcony?) He never fully recovered and still suffered as an adult because of it. I think he ended up being traded off to another wolf (…an alpha wolf?) to help out his family for some reason (although I may be confusing this part with another book, I seem to remember it as part of the description).

ANSWER: Pretty Poison by Kari Gregg

Book 2 

This book is a historical romance, one of the viking series. The other books in the series are about other brothers in the family. I first read this book 15 years ago, but the book is much older than that.

The hero is a viking. The heroine lives in an island in France. She’s got dark hair and a very slim tomboyish body. The hero has to marry the heroine when she was only 13 years old in order to protect her. This is because her father was killed by a man that owns the other half of the island. The hero packs her in a ship and sends her to stay with his mother for her own safety while he takes care of the business in her estate. The heroine can get along well with everyone in his family, but she hates the hero, and thinks that he wants to take over everything that belong to her.

They finally have sex after he caught the 17-year-old heroine kissing his sister-in-laws’ cousin/brother. After that, he takes her back to her house. They have another wedding ceremony before he goes to war. During his absence, the heroine discovers that she’s pregnant. When he comes back, they have a big party and the heroine is kidnapped by a man who killed her father.

Please tell me if you can remember the name of the book or the series. Thanks.

ANSWER: Sorry, No Answer. Can you help us find this one?

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One Response to Anyone, Anyone? We Are Stumped Edition

  1. Profile photo of Crissy Smith Crissy Smith says:

    Book 2- Talia Carmichael the Impressions series. Book title: Opposing Rythums.

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