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Anyone, Anyone? TGIF Edition

By Kat @ ARe on July 11th, 2014
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From time to time readers email us looking for a book they cannot remember the name or author of. Our staff is good about hunting these down, but if we cannot locate it we turn to you, our readers, for help. Can you identify this book? Please send your answers to Dawn at dawn.vaeoso@allromanceebooks.com .

This Week:

Book 1

I read this book and I can’t seem to find it now. Can you help? Here’s what I remember… There is this girl and she has diabetes and wants to go travel somewhere but her father won’t let her so she hires a tour guide to take her into the mountains, I think, and the tour guide is a cowboy, I believe. She winds up losing her diabetes kit and ends up in the hospital and they fall in love. That’s all I remember. If you could help me find it I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks.


Book 2I’m looking for a title and author of a book that I only know the excerpt of. This book was released around April this year and I’m sure it is a M/M book, the excerpt goes as follows: Two guys in a band had recently lost a child that their surrogate was carrying. A female friend of one of them returns to the same town and they decide she should be the next surrogate. Hope that information can help me find the title and author of the book.

From Last Week:

Book 1

I’m looking for a historical romance I read in the late 1980s, early 1990s. It was published by the now defunct Leisure Romance imprint. It was set in the Napoleonic era. The heroine was half English and half French. She believed her English mother to be dead and had been raised by an aunt and along side her cousins. She meets an intriguing Russian count who is also half English. He is a spy trying to find out plans for Napoleon’s invasion of Russian. The heroine’s name was Alexandra, but was known as Xan. I cannot remember the name of the hero. Can anyone help me?

ANSWER: You Belong To Me by Johanna Lindsey

Book 2

I remember reading a book that was a historical (pretty sure it was Regency).

The heroine was played a trick on by another girl (stepsister or cousin?), who send a note during a ball to the hero that she wanted to be drugged and abducted and seduced. (It was implied to the hero that he was meeting an experienced woman.) Then the heroine was tricked into showing up in the library/study/room because she needed to talk to the hero about something else altogether, but was then drugged and abducted.

The hero was Scottish, a duke(?), but I think also had an English title. He was posing as an Englishman, and the heroine was confused because he spoke to her like an Englishman but, she could also hear a Scotsman down the hallway where she was being held.

There’s a bunch of stuff after that, but the end of the book there is a ball about 8 months later that has everyone excited to meet the mysterious duke and his wife, who is very pregnant. They invite the vicious girl to let her see what happened by her plot.

For some reason I can not recall the author or the book title. It is probably obvious. Can you help?

ANSWER: Sorry, No Answer.

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One Response to Anyone, Anyone? TGIF Edition

  1. Hi I think that book 2 might be Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught. The trick (a poorly written note) was written by her supposed friend Valerie. The man was not a duke at the time because he did not acknowledge his grandfather but in the end to save her reputation he make somewhat peace with him and becomes his heir… which eventually makes him a duke when the grandfather dies.

    Hope this is the book you were searching for…if not it is a great read. Judith McNaught is an amazing writer…. just wish she’d write more!!

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