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Anyone, Anyone? Three-Day Weekend Romance Search

By Kat @ ARe on January 17th, 2014
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From time to time readers email us looking for a book they cannot remember the name or author of. Our staff is good about hunting these down, but if we cannot locate it we turn to you, our readers, for help. Can you identify this book? Please send your answers to Dawn at dawn.vaeoso@allromanceebooks.com .

This Week:

Book 1

The book I’m looking for was on All Romance in early Spring. A young man (I think he was an architect) had been terribly injured by his ex-Dom. He walked with a limp. He was to meet a new client at a building site and when he showed up the client was there and so was the ex. The young man hurriedly left the building. I forgot put this on my wish list and now I can’t find it.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Book 2

I’m looking for a book I’m pretty sure is Harlequin novel. It is about a woman who is married to an English man that pretty much just uses her as a nanny.I think his first wife died and she was the nanny he decided to marry.

Anyway they didn’t have a real marriage so when they went to a party she changed her look and he was so surprised he slept with her and got her pregnant. Well right after this they had an argument and stopped talking. About 1 month later she was hit by a car saving their daughter who had run out into the street. When she was in the hospital that’s when he found out about the baby and that she had had a miscarriage from the accident. I think their “friends” never really saw her a his wife and treated her badly.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

From Last Week:
Book 1  
I can’t remember the title or author of a book, I just remember I wanted to buy it. It’s a gay romance where a man is driving and picks up a stranger who is in danger. The man is really polite and does what the stranger asks and follows a few requests. The stranger comes back to the man’s house asking for more help and the man helps. The stranger can’t help but think that the man is really strange in his mannerisms but is drawn to him.
ANSWER: The Cat’s Meow by Stormy Glenn (Assassin’s Pride)  

Book 2

I read this book quite a few years ago now, but have a hankering to read it again. I remember there was a green checkered border on the cover, making me think it is an old Harlequin or Silhouette book. There is a bartender named Ethan, who meets a rather shy and inexperienced girl whose name I can’t recall. I remember near the end of the book she is pregnant and Ethan is desperately trying to win her back after a fight over something.

The author had really painted an impression of Ethan being this super dependable, upstanding and great guy, and the girl is always thinking he was too good for her (she was seriously shy and self conscious). Does anyone know what this is? Many thanks!

ANSWER: Sorry, No Answer.

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One Response to Anyone, Anyone? Three-Day Weekend Romance Search

  1. I’m looking for a book I read a couple of years ago. The only thing I remember is, a man with the nickname Scoop. He was hurt by a bomb in his grill. Thanks for any help!

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