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Sandra Bunino: What’s Your Fantasy?

By Kat @ ARe on September 27th, 2013
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brooke's wish

Please welcome Sandra Bunino to the Cafe for our Series Celebration!

Setting is key to a series because readers not only get to know the characters, they become familiar with the setting, too. Opening a new book from a favorite series is like coming home.

I love the world-building aspect of series writing. In the case of my “BDSM light” series, The Satin Rose Experience, my world is a posh sex club discreetly located on the twentieth floor of a New York City hotel on Lexington Avenue. My inspiration started at the real life W Hotel’s Martini Bar in Times Square. From the moment I walked in, I knew it was the right vibe for SRE (plus they make a mean pear martini!). The SRE lounge is identical to this place and becomes the sexy introduction to the heroine’s fantasy.


Well, here’s a peek at Brooke’s Wish

“It’s okay. Let go of your fear and come with me,” he said huskily in her ear.

Brooke allowed Ty to lead her into the lobby. She left more and more of her insecurities behind with each step until she stood at the edge of the granite floor. A step forward would land her on the plush carpet of the SRE Lounge with them. A step to the side would bring her closer to the solitude of her suite.

“What’s your fantasy, Brooke? Everyone has one.”

The world of SRE doesn’t stop in the lounge. In Tie Me Free, the most recent book in the series, Kate lives her fantasy involving the art of Japanese rope binding in SRE’s Suite Two, the Shibari Suite…

Kate stared at the platform as the click of the door sounded over the mesmerizing music. Looking over her shoulder, she found Mason watching her from his spot next to the door. She turned to the only other piece of furniture, a large armoire with a double door. “May I?” She glanced back to Mason.

He extended his hand toward the cabinet. “Of course. Please.”

Kate’s heels clicked on the wood floor as she approached the cabinet and swung open the door. Assorted colors of rope lengths lined the shelves. Kate fingered the cords and pulled out a loop of red silk rope. “I didn’t realize the ropes were so soft.”

Mason pushed off from the wall and walked to her. “The ropes are an extension of the person performing the tying. An extension of their arms and fingers. They’re meant to caress and comfort. The ropes are symbolic of the connection between the individuals involved in the scene as you saw outside.” Mason stood just a whisper from her face. His thumb brushed her fingers holding the silk cord as their gazes locked. “How about a little roleplay, Kate?”

She cocked her head. “Roleplay?”

“Do you want to know how it feels to be dominated? To be tied?”

I invite you to find a new fantasy within world of the Satin Rose Experience.


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