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Top ARe Authors of the Year – Yvette Hines

By Kat @ ARe on December 8th, 2013
red hots

AReCafe salutes all the authors who make our site the place to go for romance. This year we are excited to introduce the top selling authors at All Romance for 2013. Today, we shine the spotlight on Yvette Hines.

About Yvette

Yvette writes: I’m simply Yvette Hines, some people call me SASSE or SASSE Yvette. I’m an erotica author who loves pleasurable hours between the sheets. Whether it is a blended tale of interracial lovers, the clandestine bite and wicked passion of a paranormal mates or the sting of a commanding whip against tender flesh. Even better, make my day and toss in two gorgeously, decadent men who only want to pleasure their woman. I write Short and Sexy, Sensual Erotica (SASSE). Occasionally, you may get a full length novel from me this my sci-fi erotica “Pleasuring the Queen”. However, life is too busy and most of us have more than one job, family and other activities that don’t allow us long hours to read any more.

I’ve been penning erotic tales since 2006, on the hedonistic side of the romance genre. However, I’ve been writing romance under a different pen for a while. I’m eclectic by nature.

I’m married to my best friend. A guy that makes me laugh ’til I can’t breathe and one who steals my breath every time he walks into a room. I believe in happily ever after like the rising of the sun depended on it.

I’m a member of Chesapeake Romance Writers, RWA and a proud RomVet. You can find out more about me at: yvettehines.com


Yvette’s Message to Readers

I am thankful for my readers. They impress me time and time again. Not only because when I release a book they are rushing to buy it, or because they post on their Twitter and Facebook about reading it and loving it; it goes deeper than that. My readers share their world and lives with me. Every time they are going through things in their personal life and they pick one of my books for an escape just for an hour or more. Even greater are those moments I find precious are when they send me those private messages that tell me, ‘I was going through something and this book really touched me. I felt as if just maybe someone out there understood what I was dealing with. Thank you for writing it.’ I never take it lightly each time I am contacted by a reader; it gives me the strength and dedication to continue to write. Because if my stories aren’t reaching into the heart, why write and publish them? Thanks.

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10 Responses to Top ARe Authors of the Year – Yvette Hines

  1. Profile photo of Yvette Hines Yvette Hines says:

    Thank you ARe. If it was not for this first and ONLY romance ebook site I don’t know what would have drove my career as a writer. Since 2007 you all have given me a format to reach out to readers and connect with them in the Café, because of that I have grown. Much appreciation.

  2. Profile photo of Thea Smith Thea Smith says:

    Yvette again congrats on making this list. You are my number one writer and I wish and look forward to many more fruits from your pen.

  3. I look forward to each and every Yvette Hines book. No matter what I know the book is either going to make me laugh, cry or both. I appreciate Yvette and the hard work she puts into creating such great stories.

  4. Yvette’s command of the short story is amazing! Every time I read one of her books, I’m moved by the connection she forges between the story and the characters which makes you care about them. The short story can feel rushed and incomplete if not done well! You only have a limited amount of words to hook the reader and keep them engaged. Yvette, in my opinion, has mastered this art well! I haven’t yet read a “bad” book, written by her, even in some of her earlier works! I first discovered Yvette’s books by reading a short Christmas story. I was intrigued by how much emotion and character development she packed into such a story! So, I went hunting for more of her books. I now have most of them! I have my favorites which I’ve read several times.

    Suffice it to say I’m a huge Yvette Hines fan! I’m thrilled that she was voted one of the top selling romance authors at ARe for 2013! That tells me that lots of people love her books too. Congratulations Yvette, definitely earned and well deserved. 🙂

  5. Congratulations to one of my absolute Favorite Authors !!
    You know that a book is amazing when you walk around with your iPad/iPhone in your hand and can barely stand to put it down and when you have finished reading it only to start all over again because you read it too fast ! Lol Yvette’s books have been doing that to me every since I began to read them*g* Yvette you feed my book addiction . Thank you for all of the hard and love you , put in in to your stories, you Rock !

  6. Profile photo of Yvette Hines Yvette Hines says:

    Ah, Shucks. I am touched, moved and blessed. Thanks for being the best readers in the world!

  7. Congrats Yvette on making ARe’s top selling authors list. What I love, even more than your stories, is that you make time for your readers and are so fun to hang out with. I expect to see you back on this list next year!

  8. I love Yvette Hines! She has been one of my favorite authors for years. Her stories are always sensual and exude heat. Her characters are strong men & women with that hint of vulnerability that only their soul mate can bring out. Yvette rocks!

  9. Congrats Yvette!!! You deserve you’re such a talented and wonderful author. You are definitely one of my favorite authors. Love your books!

  10. Profile photo of Yvette Hines Yvette Hines says:

    To all the readers that showed up. Thank you so very much for your kind words.

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