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Becca Dale: The Draw of the Shifter Hero

By Kat @ ARe on August 2nd, 2013
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Author Becca Dale is here as part of the Decadent Publishing Shifter Contest! Be sure to enter the Decadent Kindle Fire Giveaway, too.

A savage beast with the intelligence and cunning of a man — power and strength and animalistic passion — yum! Shifters are so dang sexy because the element of danger lurks in their every move, making them the ultimate bad boys. Perhaps the animal will escape human restraint. But then again, perhaps love will tame him just enough to keep him under control.

Throughout the history of romance the element of danger has teased readers to find out “what if” from the safety of their cozy chair. Shifters push that even further. What if a wild cat really did have a human mind behind its predatory stare? What if you were trapped by a pack of wolves only to become sexual prey. Would you run only to be hunted down, or would you stay, and to quote Meatloaf, “offer your throat to the wolf with the red, red rose”? Just the thought sends shivers down the spine of many a reader.

The shifters from the Sanctuary can be both scary and protective depending on how they see you. To their loved ones they are unflappable in their determination to do what is right, to their enemies…not so much.

So what about you? What makes shifters sexy? Is it the danger? The thought that they are restrained just for the woman they love? Or is it something else all together? I want to know what you think. You can also join in on the scavenger hunt. Just follow the link below for chances to win a Sanctuary desk pack from me – including a mouse pad and other cute goodies. (Two packs available) Or you could win $10 in Omni Bucks to use here on ARe! You can gain a second entry by finding the lone wolf with a red rose image on my website. Tell me where you found him and give me a detail about him – is he howling, what color he is, etc. Let the hunt begin.

Click here to enter Becca’s giveaway!

Winners will be selected by me at the end of the month. You may enter more than once for this contest.


Click here to enter the Decadent Publishing Kindle Fire Giveaway!



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4 Responses to Becca Dale: The Draw of the Shifter Hero

  1. Avatar of Anne Muller Anne Muller says:

    The slight hint of danger, but knowing that your shifter would ultimately protect you is a part of it. Definitely the alpha factor.

  2. Fab post, Becca. :-)

    I think shifters are sexy for all of the above reasons you gave. They are complex and raw; an adventure all in themselves and I think deep down every single one of us wants to be wild, wants to belong, and wants to be apart of that type of magic.

    Liz (Fellow DP Author) x

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