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Digimonkey Tips: Downloading to the Galaxy Tablet using OverDrive Media Console

By Digimonkey on March 4th, 2013
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It was brought to Digimonkey’s attention recently that she had omitted instructions for an important app during her “tour of the Galaxy Tablet”, and that app is OverDrive Media Console.  Well, Digi is not one to let an oversight like that go unmarked!

First, a few facts.  The Galaxy is capable of reading several formats, including Adobe Acrobat, Epub, HTML, Secure Adobe and Secure Adobe Epub…as long as the necessary free apps are installed.  The OverDrive Media Console app is capable of opening Epub and Adobe Acrobat files, as well as Secure Epub files that are from the OverDrive server.  The Secure Epub files that can be downloaded to Media Console will show a webpage address that says http://ofs.contentreserve.com/ when you select the download link.  If you see a webpage address that says http://ebook.lightningsource.com instead, you’ll need to download the file to Bluefire or Aldiko, not Media Console.


Installing OverDrive Media Console

The free OverDrive Media Console app is available for download in the App Store.

  1. In the App Store search box, type in “OverDrive Media Console”.
  2. Tap on the OverDrive Media Console listing to access the Media Console page.  Tap the blue “Install” button.
  3. The permissions page will open.  Tap the blue “Accept & Download” button to start the download.
  4. The Keep Shopping window will open. Tap the grey “Keep Shopping” button to finalize the download.
  5. When the download is complete, tap the grey “Open” button.
  6. The app will open.  Now you need to authorize the app to your Adobe ID, which is what will allow you to download Secure Epub files. Select the “Settings” icon to reach the Authorization page.
  7. Enter your Adobe ID and password into the text boxes and tap “Authorize”.  If you do not have an Adobe ID yet, tap the “Get a Free Adobe ID” button.

    Adobe ID

    Adobe ID

  8. You’re now ready to download ebooks!


Downloading to OverDrive Media Console

You can use either the Galaxy’s browser or the All Romance mobile app (available for the original Galaxy only) to access the All Romance/OmniLit website. Login to your account and go to “My Library”.

Galaxy browser

Galaxy browser


ARe App

ARe App

Tap on the Epub, Adobe Acrobat, or Secure Adobe Epub download link for the book you want to download.  Note: For Secure files, a second page will open with a “click here” to download link. Tap on the “click here” link to go to the next screen. The Complete Action Using window will open.  The Galaxy has a quirk where if you click on “OverDrive Media Console” at this point, you will receive an error message. Tap on “Internet” instead (also shown as “Browser” in some cases) to begin the file download.

Select Internet

Select Internet

The notifications window will open and show the progress of the book download.  After the download is completed, tap on the downloaded file to open the next “Choose” window.



In this second Complete Action Using window, select “OverDrive Media Console”.

Select OverDrive

Select OverDrive

OverDrive Media Console will open and display your book on the bookshelf for your reading pleasure!




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One Response to Digimonkey Tips: Downloading to the Galaxy Tablet using OverDrive Media Console

  1. Profile photo of Jaxs Jaxs says:

    Thanks Digi!

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