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Digimonkey Tips: Selling eBooks on All Romance/OmniLit

By Digimonkey on July 25th, 2016
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One of the wonderful advantages of ebooks is that they’re so accessible for indie publishers and authors.   Whether you’re an author who has written one book or a hundred, or a publisher who has a catalogue of ten books or a thousand, you can quickly and easily get your books out into the world and into the hands of customers who are eager to read them. All you need is a little help from your friendly neighborhood digital bookstore…All Romance/OmniLit!

If you’d like to see your books on All Romance/OmniLit, the place to begin is the “Publishers/Authors” link in the website header.

Sell your ebooks on ARe/OmniLit!

This link takes you to the login page for Publishers, but it’s also the starting place for those who want to open a new Publisher account. First, you’ll want to read through the Publisher FAQ page, which provides information on:

  • All Romance and OmniLit
  • Ebook formatting
  • Turnaround time
  • Submitting ebook files
  • Pricing and discounting of ebooks
  • Digital rights
  • Payments to authors/publishers
  • Top rated and bestseller listings
  • ISBNs, Categories, and Heat ratings

The next step is to register for a Publisher account. This applies to large traditional and small indie publishers, as well as authors who are self-publishing. If you want to sell ebooks on All Romance/OmniLit, you’ll need to create a publisher account!


General Information

  • Company Name: If you’re already a publisher, enter your existing name. However, if you’re an author who is self-publishing, you will need to decide on a company name. Some authors list their own name as the company name. Others create an alternate name for their self-publishing activities. Whichever you choose, you will need to make the decision before creating an account.
  • Description: Provide details about your company, which should include who you are, what types of books you offer, and what makes your business unique.
  • Website URL: For existing publishers, this should be your business website. For authors who are self-publishing, this could be a business website (if you have one), or your author website. If you have neither, insert a URL for a web page that contains samples of your works, such as a publisher or author page on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, etc.
Sign Me Up!

Sign Me Up!


Contact Information

This section is very important, as this is how the ARe staff will communicate with you regarding the books you post on the site and marketing/promotional opportunities. Make sure the phone number and email are ones you can respond to within 72 hours or less. You will also need to choose a password for accessing your account.

Contact Information

Contact Information


Payment Information

  • Paypal: If you want to use Paypal but do not have a Paypal account yet, you will need to set one up prior to registering for a publisher account. Enter the Paypal address associated with your Paypal account, confirm the email, provide your electronic signature, and check the “Acceptance of Terms” box at the bottom of the section.



  • Direct Deposit: Enter the Bank Routing and Account numbers for the account where you want the funds deposited provide your electronic signature, and check the “Acceptance of Terms” box at the bottom of the section.

    Direct Deposit

    Direct Deposit


IRS Tax Information

This section replaces IRS forms W-9 and W-8BEN. Fill out all fields with the data that matches your personal/business tax status.

Tax Information

Tax Information



After all fields have been filled in, read through the certification information and then check the “By checking this box…” box in the bottom left of the screen.

I certify...

I certify…

The Terms of Agreement will appear at the bottom of the page. At the end of the TOA, you will see an “accept” button. Click it to accept the terms – the check box to the right of the “I accept the terms of agreement” will fill in. Click the “Submit” button, and you’re on your way!

I accept!

Expect to hear from the ARe staff within 3-10 business days regarding your application. If additional information is required, they’ll let you know. As soon as your application is approved, you can begin uploading your ebook files!


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